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A Widening Wealth Gap in Hong Kong
BusinessWeek - Jul 21, 2011
A Widening Wealth Gap in Hong Kong up seven flights of stairs, past crumbling plaster and dripping pipes, to the Hong Kong home the 37-year-old migrant from China and her three sons occupy. Clothes festoon the metal-framed bunk bed the family shares in the 180-square-foot apartment,

How to put the 'room' in a dorm room
StarNewsOnline.com - Jul 25, 2011
Dormco's Bunk Pocket is a convenient neoprene catchall for electronics that slips over a bedpost. Kenyon College junior Trevor Ezell, who recently returned from a semester studying in England and traveling around Europe, says a duffel bag was brilliant

Siebel home full of rooms with a view
Herald Times Reporter - Jul 24, 2011
Three rooms are filled with their artwork, fanciful flowers dancing behind clear glass, floral bedspreads in bright colors and one room boasts a bunk bed with a porthole from "a sunken ship somewhere in Florida," according to JoAnne.

Josie's Diary: Summer Survival Week 1 – Part 2
mySteinbach.ca (blog) - Jul 24, 2011
I got her settled into her cabin, made the bed, practiced going up and down the stairs of the bunk bed (both of us). Then we explored a bit of the camp, went to check out Shadaye's cabin. I was secretly looking to see if any of her little friends from

7. For Rent: July 7
The Gonzales Cannon - Jul 08, 2011
Features a great kitchen with breakfast bar and pantry, full bathroom with big shower and vanity sink, Master bedroom with large closet and dresser, queen loft bed with stairs, and big garage with two queen bunkbeds and an extra fridge.

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Bunk beds recalled after child's death
The Associated Press - Jun 16, 2011
Bunk beds recalled after child's deathBig Lots of Columbus, Ohio, issued the voluntary recall of the metal futon bunk beds, which can entrap a child when the futon and its metal frame are lowered to a flat position. The recall was issued in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety

Big Lots recalls 30000 metal futon bunk beds
Furniture Today - Jun 20, 2011
WASHINGTON — The US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Columbus, Ohio-based Big Lots have announced a recall of 30000 metal futon bunk beds. The voluntary recall is in response to the entrapment and suffocation death of a three-year-old Burlington

Recalls: Excite Toy Military Helicopters, Big Lots Metal Futon Bunk Beds
Hartford Courant - Jun 27, 2011
Excite USA is recalling 24000 toy military helicopters because the plastic blades can detach during operation, posing a laceration hazard. Three incidents have been reported, two involving lacerations. The toy helicopters, sold exclusively at Rite Aid

Recall Roundup: Booster Seats, Bunk Beds, Chewable Vitamins, Cutlery Sets and More
WalletPop - Jun 17, 2011
Big Lots recalled certain metal futon bunk beds after a child was trapped between the frame and mattress and died. Bariatric Advantage recalled some of its Chewable Multi Formula vitamins in the chocolate mint truffle flavor because they may contain

A Month of Product Recalls: Luxurious Porsches to Apple Gadgets
Empowered News - Jun 29, 2011
About 30000 Big Lots metal futon bunk beds are also being recalled after the accidental bed of a 3-year old. On the other hand, a Georgia company recalled its approximately 217000 sets of cutlery knives after reports of its laceration hazards.

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